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Terms & Conditions


Wedding contractual terms and conditions

(please contact Black Rose Conditons for T&C's for event films) 

1.1 Service Provided


The Wedding/Ceremony service consists of 2 or 3* cameras. The full package will include filming of Bridal preparations until 2000 hours*. 

1.2. Package inclusion


Platinum and Silver packages will include two (2) memory sticks, one in a presentation box. The first file will include the highlights of the selected footage shot on the day and the second will be the Ceremony in full, speeches in full, first dance and cake cutting (If applicable)

The highlights is approximately 8-12 minutes* in length and will be set to the clients music of choice. Due to copyright legislation, this video cannot be shared on any social media platform/Internet. A shortened version of this will be produced and placed on Youtube and social media which can be shared. The client will also receive the same files via a dropbox download once the package has been received. 

Estimated completion of the product will be up to six (6) weeks* from the event date given in section 1.1


1.3 Other contacts

A list of other event suppliers will be listed upon booking. Black Rose Productions may wish to contact all other suppliers to assist in the organisation of the event.

1.5 Music


1.5.1 To enable Black Rose Productions to tailor your event video, we would ask that you provide a selection of songs or music genre choices. These choices will be set against the highlights video and will enable us to match the feel and mood of the completed product. 

2. Invoicing and payments


2.1.1 Deposit


A non refundable* deposit  is required in order to secure the event date in section 1.1.This will be requested via an invoice to the email address supplied by the client, along with relevant details on how to pay. 


2.1.2 Full payment


The outstanding balance will be requested seven (7) days prior to the event date stated in section 1.1. No item will be provided should there be any outstanding balance before the event.  


3.  Responsibilities 


3.1.1 Client responsibilities 


It is the clients responsibility to secure the event/location and allow access to the videographers on the event date as stated in section 1.1. Black Rose Productions will not be held responsible for any coverage lost due to access being restricted. Please note that some events may require notice to the location that the event will be captured by Videographers. This may incur extra charges from the location supplied to be placed upon the client.   

3.2.1 Videographers responsibilities 


3.2.2 Black Rose Productions hold the right to the shooting and editing style of the footage obtained at the event.  


3.2.4 Black Rose Productions cannot be held responsible for production problems out of their control. I.e bad weather, lighting or acoustic problems, interference from guests, location limitations. This list is not exhaustive. 

3.2.5 Black Rose Productions reserve the right terminate the contract at any time. In the event of this, a full refund will be given including any deposit or holding charge paid. 


3.2.6 Any liability on the part of Black Rose Productions will be limited to the monies paid. 


4. Product


4.1.1 Upon taking possession of the completed products, the client must inform Black Rose Productions of any;


4.1.2 Technical issues - memory stick failing to play host data

4.1.3 Damaged goods

4.1.4 faulty items 


In these cases, contact should be made up to seven (7) days of receipt of the goods. If no contact is made then the client is deemed to be satisfied with the goods. This does not affect your statutory rights. 


5. Ownership and product rights.


5.1.1 Black Rose Productions are the sole owners of any footage obtained at the event listed in section 1.1. Black Rose Productions will have full intellectual and mechanical copyright of any production. Any such copy that is created from the original will therefore be bound under the same terms as the Master footage. 


5.2  Restrictions


5.2.1 The footage cannot be used for commercial use, for profit or claimed as their material. If a copy is required, permission can be sought from Black Rose Productions, with any such request made in writing. 


5.2.2 Upon paying a deposit, this will form a contract between both client and BLACK ROSE PRODUCTIONS, and as such upon doing so you agree to all points listed including the terms and conditions. A copy of this document can be provided upon request. 

6. Conditions


(1)    Due to the size of events and durations of the wedding/ceremony, 2 or 3 persons may be used in the production of the video

(2)    Due to time scales and setup times of equipment, videoing of the groom/partner will only commence if they are situated in the same premises as the bride (applicable to package chosen) 

(3)    The package includes two USB flash drives. The first being a ‘movie’ file consisting footage of the day up to 8pm. If required, further filming will be charged at the rate of £50 p/h. (all contractual obligations will still be filmed regardless of finish time) The second, a ‘show reel’ file consisting of all the best parts edited with music. All footage will be cut and edited and therefore any footage which is deemed by BLACK ROSE PRODUCTIONS as unsuitable will not be in the final production and disposed of. 

(4)    The files will be produced and edited with ‘background music’. Due to music copyright and licensing laws this music can be of the clients choosing, however the finished product is not permitted to be duplicated, shown on social media sites, the Internet, YouTube, vimeo and any other public domain. A link to this showreel will be sent to the client, where the same conditions apply. This list is not exhaustive.

(5)    The showreel consists of a summary of the event and is approximately 8-12 minutes in duration, depending on the footage captured on the day. A further version of the showreel (approx 3-4 mins) will be placed on YouTube under the BLACK ROSE PRODUCTIONS account, provided the client authorises this. 

(6)    Deposit is stated to the client at time of the booking. The full amount is required one (1) month prior the event date. 

(7)    Please note. Due to GDPR regulation, all data will be fully secure (see privacy page for more) Any request for this information must be done so in writing where a copy will be provided free of charge – all information held on the ‘client’ is kept for a minimum of 7 years.

(8) The completion of the product is estimated to take up to 6 weeks. It is however likely the product will be ready and completed before this. However should the client delay the completed article, BLACK ROSE PRODUCTIONS will not be held responsible. 

(9) If the client chooses no select NO for promotional sharing, the youtube video will be hosted on Youtube however will be marked as a private channel. Only the client will be able to share and distribute the link and the video cannot be found by ‘public’ users.

(10) Tailor made package will differ in length dependent on the time elasped of footage available. Details of which will be agreed upon the conditions of the deposit paid. 

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